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Author Profile

Helen was always a writer, yet it was the first of two disabling road crashes that provided the incentive to her succeed at the craft. Confined to a wheelchair for a time, she wrote Last Flight from Pentagon. The second crash gave rise to Conway's Women. Helen has since written The Trunk in the Basement and Brides of the White Swan. Helen's genre for these works, Psychological Thriller, comes from an intense interest in the human psyche following her own life-or-death experiences.

In 2005 Helen ventured into Erotica/Romance. Her first work in this genre is novella Waiting for Misty and her second Morning Glory.

Helen's writing achievements to date:

Published works - Limited Editions, hard copy:

  • Conway's Women - 2006
  • The Trunk in the Basement - 2006

Both these works were published through WritingRight, a consortium of Australian writers who only publish members' works. Both works are now out of print. To date WritingRight has published over 30 members' works.


Waiting for Misty

  • 2007 - eXtasy Books

The Trunk in the Basement Parts 1 & 2

  • 2007 eXtasy Books

Morning Glory

  • 2007 - eXtasy Books

Brides of the White Swan

  • 2011 - eXtasy Books


  • WritingRight Robert Redford Star Award 2006 - Writer with Most Potential
  • WritingRight Connections Star Award 2006 - Making Great Connections
Competition Places:

  • Alan Marshall Short Story Competition 2002 - shortlisted from 500 entries for Grisham's Gauntlet
  • Donard Publishing Novel Writing Competition November 2004 - Finalist with Conway's Women
  • Tom Collins Poetry Competition 2004 - Highly Commended for Good Ol' Aussie Rools
  • WritingRight Short Story Competition 2005 - 2nd Place for Daddyll
Further Education:

  • 2 year Professional Writing Course, Northern Metropolitan Institute of Technical and Further Education (TAFE) 2000-2002 - Pass with Higher Distinction

  • Managing Editor Comic Edge, newsmagazine of the Australian Cartoonists' Group 1993-1995
  • Co-editor of Hogwash, monthly newsmagazine of Harley Owners' Group Ringwood Chapter, of which Helen was a Charter Member - 1994-1996
  • Managing Editor Broadcaster, quarterly newsletter of Disability Justice Advocacy, 2002-2005
General Info:

  • Mentored several writers through WritingRight
  • Cartoonist and Writer of The Australian Motorcyclists' Dictionary, illustrated with the characters Slick Hogg and The Road Rats
  • Produced dozens of single frame cartoons and a comic strip featuring Philbutt, a caveman with a bent for the modern
  • Founded and runs Nails in the Pinque, a successful Acrylic Nail business. Creating the most beautiful and distinctive nails on the planet, Helen proudly holds her Creative Master Technician's Certificate.
  • Cat worshipper, Cat-mother
"When people ask me what I like to do in my spare time I tell them: If I'm not eating, sleeping, playing with my 4 precious Kitties Samba, Edmund (pictured with me) Micino and Hillary, or working with a nail client, I'm writing. I keep a laptop on my nail table at the salon so I can write if there are spare minutes between clients. Writing is a consuming passion that I can feel, smell and taste in every part of me."

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Genre: Erotic romance, adults only
Words: 49,381
Author: Helen Chilcott
Publisher: eXtasy Books -
Link to purchase:


Twelve years on, widowed Vivica still mourns Dylan. Her unwillingness to commit to a relationship frustrates boss and regular sex partner Jack McEvoy, who betrays her by spreading gossip around their rural community. Quitting her job, Vivica finds a supportive friend in her wealthy widower neighbour, Talbot Tasman, who harbours secret love for her.
When Vivica’s beautiful daughter, Lizette, rebuffs her boyfriend’s constant pressure to go ‘all the way’ with sex before they marry, Jarratt sees no wrong in bedding other young women. Discovering one of them is pregnant, Lizette dumps Jarratt. Returning from overseas education, Talbot’s handsome son Taylor helps Lizette pick up her heart’s shattered pieces...
Morning Glory was Jarratt’s name for the erection he woke with every day. Although a part of him, it was like a separate entity too, an unpredictable friend that often appeared at really inconvenient times. In his usual method of dealing with it, he slid his hand down his naked belly with tantalizing slowness, and arrested the rigid pillar. As he tugged the patchwork quilt up to his nose with the other hand, he smiled, enjoying the sensation as the sleek fabric caressed the head of his cock.
At the quilt’s oddly stimulating smell, his nostrils flared. To better savour it he drew in a long, deep breath, as one would to appreciate the aroma of fine food. Jarratt wasn’t to know that Vivica would hold its rolled-up bulk tight between her thighs and, by grinding her sex against it, bring herself slowly to orgasm.
In the dawn half-light, it took several seconds for Jarratt to remember he wasn’t in his own bed. He was in Vivica’s guestroom. Vivica slept in the next room, and Lizette, her daughter, Jarratt’s girlfriend, on Vivica’s other side. He assumed they were still sleeping. The house was silent. There was no aroma of eggs, or toast, or coffee, only the carnal odour of the quilt that was making his cock harder by the moment.
Like his eagerness burgeoned during the night, it never took long for him to come in the morning. When Jarratt satisfied himself, his enjoyment lay in the destination. The pleasure of the journey with virgin Lizette was a frustrating work in progress. Although he was pressing her harder these days, she resisted with equal dedication, saying she wanted to save herself for marriage. What is that? he thought. Nobody saves themself nowadays. It’s just her way of teasing a man. And, damn it, there was scant opportunity in Vivica’s house, especially as his only time there was weekends. Because he’d dreamed up several strategies, he would eventually get Lizette to cooperate. It’s only a matter of time before she gives in to my pressure. Until then…

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Waiting for Misty


Genre: erotic romance, gay/lesbian, erotic & beyond
Words: 50,712
Author: Helen Chilcott
Publisher: eXtasy Books -
Link to purchase:


Handsome Naylor Nasche and Alanya Markov harbour secret desires for each other, but not only is Naylor married, he thinks Alanya is gay. When Naylor’s receptionist, voluptuous, jilted Sabina manipulates Naylor into her bed she wins back her long-time love, Naylor’s unhappy wife Cherise, whose jealousy explodes when she perceives that Sabina’s wandering lust has targeted the beautiful Alanya...


Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Trunk in the Basement


Genre: Psychological Thriller
Word Count: 112,616
Author: Helen Chilcott
Cover Artist: Dan Skinner
Publisher: eXtasy Books:
Links to purchase:

When Australian novelist Leckie Armytage bought The Plays of Oscar Wilde from a thrift shop she had no idea the luggage ticket she found in the book would lead her to England in search of a man who vanished off a cruise ship seventy years ago.
Supported by Herbert’s grandson, wealthy Albert Stokes and his personal assistant and unspoken love Eugenia Purdie, Armytage, gathering material for her novel, searches the Stokes family archives, uncovering ruinous evidence of illegitimacy, blackmail and murder…

Friday, December 15, 2006

Conway's Women


Genre: Psychological Thriller - NOT FOR THE FAINT AT HEART
Word Count: 106,066
Price: $AUD25.00 inc post
Available from author:

In a life-or-death fight thirteen-year-old Conway kills his father, whose cruel spirit possesses the boy as Stanley gasps his final breath.
Determined to destroy Conway for robbing him of wife Nanette’s affection, Stanley commits his son to a series of gruesome murders, the first being his beloved mother, who also seeks refuge in Conway.
The ensuing battle between Nanette’s goodness and Stanley’s evil drives Conway to the brink of insanity. Invited in by Nanette, each victim’s spirit adds to his torment, forcing Conway to suffer a lifetime of horror as, after each brutal killing, the increasing number of voices whisper…


Stanley loathed the thought of spending a scorching summer day building fences, because it meant working with the son he despised.
In rigid silence they loaded the trailer with redwood straining posts, rolls of barbed wire and tools. Finally Stanley spoke, his economy of words proof of the resentment smouldering in his gut.
“Go get some water...” Dismissing the boy he flicked a hand towards the bungalow. “…and food.”
Using his teeth, Conway nipped a splinter out of his palm and spat it at Stanley’s feet, the squint of an eye revealing his contempt of the man.
“Move boy. I haven’t got all day.”
Stanley glared fiercely at Conway’s back as though trying to spear the boy. Stiff at his sides, his arms were like the handles of massive hammers; his white-knuckled fists their heads. Heads so hard they could pound that little turd into the ground.
Conway put cold meat, bread and canteens in a box with tin mugs, a billycan, tea and sugar, matches and pot of dripping.
Watching the back door, Stanley waited with undisguised impatience. Beside him the tractor’s diesel engine was running noisily.
“C’mon, tit-sucker,” he yelled as Conway emerged. “You’re wasting time.”
Jerking his thumb towards the trailer where Conway would ride, the man swung into the driver’s seat, selected first gear and released the clutch. The tractor chugged off towards the gate.
Conway gnashed his teeth. Stanley always spoke to him like a dog, but he’d never got used to it.
“Wait up. I forgot something.” Conway bolted for the toolshed and returned with a mattock.
Grinning blackly, Stanley pushed on the accelerator pedal, making Conway run to catch up. Throwing the mattock onto the trailer, he sprang onto the tailgate just as the tractor shuddered over the cattle-grid.