Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Genre: Erotic romance, adults only
Words: 49,381
Author: Helen Chilcott
Publisher: eXtasy Books - https://www.extasybooks.com
Link to purchase: http://tinyurl.com/5ustyz9


Twelve years on, widowed Vivica still mourns Dylan. Her unwillingness to commit to a relationship frustrates boss and regular sex partner Jack McEvoy, who betrays her by spreading gossip around their rural community. Quitting her job, Vivica finds a supportive friend in her wealthy widower neighbour, Talbot Tasman, who harbours secret love for her.
When Vivica’s beautiful daughter, Lizette, rebuffs her boyfriend’s constant pressure to go ‘all the way’ with sex before they marry, Jarratt sees no wrong in bedding other young women. Discovering one of them is pregnant, Lizette dumps Jarratt. Returning from overseas education, Talbot’s handsome son Taylor helps Lizette pick up her heart’s shattered pieces...
Morning Glory was Jarratt’s name for the erection he woke with every day. Although a part of him, it was like a separate entity too, an unpredictable friend that often appeared at really inconvenient times. In his usual method of dealing with it, he slid his hand down his naked belly with tantalizing slowness, and arrested the rigid pillar. As he tugged the patchwork quilt up to his nose with the other hand, he smiled, enjoying the sensation as the sleek fabric caressed the head of his cock.
At the quilt’s oddly stimulating smell, his nostrils flared. To better savour it he drew in a long, deep breath, as one would to appreciate the aroma of fine food. Jarratt wasn’t to know that Vivica would hold its rolled-up bulk tight between her thighs and, by grinding her sex against it, bring herself slowly to orgasm.
In the dawn half-light, it took several seconds for Jarratt to remember he wasn’t in his own bed. He was in Vivica’s guestroom. Vivica slept in the next room, and Lizette, her daughter, Jarratt’s girlfriend, on Vivica’s other side. He assumed they were still sleeping. The house was silent. There was no aroma of eggs, or toast, or coffee, only the carnal odour of the quilt that was making his cock harder by the moment.
Like his eagerness burgeoned during the night, it never took long for him to come in the morning. When Jarratt satisfied himself, his enjoyment lay in the destination. The pleasure of the journey with virgin Lizette was a frustrating work in progress. Although he was pressing her harder these days, she resisted with equal dedication, saying she wanted to save herself for marriage. What is that? he thought. Nobody saves themself nowadays. It’s just her way of teasing a man. And, damn it, there was scant opportunity in Vivica’s house, especially as his only time there was weekends. Because he’d dreamed up several strategies, he would eventually get Lizette to cooperate. It’s only a matter of time before she gives in to my pressure. Until then…

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